Homeschooling like time is running out


Happy 2016!  It has taken us a while to get back into our  homeschooling routine.   Our weather has been so weird, due to an unusually wet winter, that our garden was a disaster. The seedlings got so much rain that almost nothing grew, except kale.  Homeschool co-op began again and this semester Kate is taking Lego Club, a class called Fun FACTory, which focuses on learning and memorizing math, science and other facts, and finally a reading class, for kids who need extra help with phonics.  I think these are great options for her and she adores her teachers.  She didn’t return to the book club because it conflicted with the reading class, but I volunteered to lead it anyway.   We’re working on  a book about the Trojan War, a retelling of the Illiad for young readers.  This has been quite a challenge for me to lead, but I’m glad to give it my best.

Kate completed the Middleburry Interactive Spanish online course last week. We continue working on the Touch Math workbooks, which is simply the best program for her. We have gotten into a nice routine at home with Explode the Code workbook and then working two days a week with her reading tutor.  She is showing a lot more initiative with trying to read things like signs, the titles of books or movies, etc.  She also keeps making progress with the Reading Eggs program.  It has 120 lessons and she is close to completing the program.

One of our goals for the new year was to look for a small private school that is focused on special needs learners for next school year.  I didn’t want to wait to start looking in the summer, like we did last year.  By that point it’s too late to see schools open and to meet faculty and staff and some schools may not even have openings for new students.  We decided to start looking earl and we found a place that we like for next year.  However, one option that we are considering is that she would start this year for the fourth quarter of the school year, after Spring Break.  We agreed that it would be a good way to transition to school and become familiar with that school’s routines, make friends and not feel anxious about “school”  all summer.  If we move in this direction, which is very likely at this point, then we only have about five weeks left of homeschooling.  It’s bittersweet, but we knew that this would be a possibility for us.  I think she’s really done well and has made a lot of progress while at home and it’s always an options if things don’t work out.  I’m also excited about the chance for her to make friends, participate in school activities in a small school that has all of the services that she will need to be successful.  We’ll still continue to do our reading aloud of awesome books until we reach our goal of 100 books, hopefully before the school year ends.

For me it will be and adjustment, but it will be nice to let go a little and devote more time to things I want to do for myself and for that I’m thankful.   I am lucky that I enjoy working and it will be great to be able to focus more on my career. These next few weeks, we’ll enjoy every opportunity to learn together.   Then we’ll trust that everything is unfolding as  is best for Kate.

What we’re reading:  Just finished the best audio version of the BFG by Roald Dahl and we LOVED it!  We’re going to listen to James and the Giant Peach next.

Books read this school year: 48 -Almost 1/2 way to the 100!




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