Last day of school


The highly anticipated end of the school year has come.  So much has happened this year learning and growing at home.  It’s been a good year.  I wish I was in more of a celebratory mood.  But I’m just tired and ready to let my brain relax and read for fun and catch up on Downton Abby and all my shows.

Today we went to have Kate’s evaluation for the year and it was pretty disappointing.  There’s no way to spin it.  I know I chose the wrong teacher; rookie mistake.  She was  pretty dismissive of our portfolio and was mostly focused with her reading ability, after only listening to her read for less than a minute.  I had stayed outside, to not interfere and it all seemed to be over in 5 minutes.  She never reviewed the actual portfolio with me, but she seemed ready to give me advice after she signed the evaluation. I was very uncomfortable.  I just wanted my paper signed for the district so I could get out of there before I said something that I would regret.

I know that I shouldn’t have taken it personally, but… it really hurt. It just brought me back to that negative place where I had tried to get away from by leaving the school system, with all it’s pressures to conform and have the kids performing at a certain level by a certain age or point in the school year OR ELSE.

Kate, happy to see the end of the school year.

Kate, happy to see the end of the school year.

I guess that for now we will do like the Taylor Swift song and shake it off… We have made it to the end of the school year.  That is a lot to celebrate.  Kate and I clinked our glasses at dinner in a toast to the school year.

Let summer/Hurricane season commence!