Lesson Plans and Real Life


Being this our first year of homeschooling, I read every blog I could find to see how other homeschool moms plan and implement their school year.  I was impressed and overwhelmed, especially when some are doing it for 3,4,5 even 8 kids. What I remembered from teaching high school, which has been useful now is that you plan goals for the year, quarterly or unit goals, and that guides the weeks and the day to day.  When things go crazy you can go back on look at my big goals and ask myself is this activity/curriculum/lesson/etc. going  to help us get to our big goal?

Our big goal is reading proficiency.  I want my student to gain the skills and the confidence that she needs to be a reader and a lifelong learner. So you have a great plan, that’s great.  Now get ready to deal with interruptions, things going unexpectedly and things just not working.  In the process we’re learning to make adjustments and keep our focus on the big goal.

Look  who we found while volunteering at the butterfly garden.

Look who we found while volunteering at the butterfly garden.

I had been feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed when I started to see how many actual days we had left for school with the upcoming holidays and Kate’s medical appointments.  Putting all that stress on myself didn’t help at all and didn’t change what is; we are on our own unique path.

We are making time for the important things, the things that make homeschool special to us both.  We won’t give up our morning walk.  At first I wanted her to keep up the pace with me, exercise, run, get that heart rate going.  Her idea of a walking was communing with the world.  She would look around, pick up sticks, literally smell the flowers.  So I slowed down.

She loves the vegetable garden and has taken the initiative to water the plants as faithfully as she feeds Skippy.  The minutes we spend together in the garden are full of wonder and optimism. Last week we also spent some time at the church’s butterfly garden, which challenges us to bring God’s beauty to others.

Yes, we all have big goals for our struggling learners.  We are so used to going into battle for them.  We are always ready to charge ahead.  I forget that there is strength in being still and knowing the deep connection to this moment and not letting it pass me by in order to check off a must-do list.  I’m glad I have my kids to remind me of these, most important, things.

Below is a picture of Kate at her first golf lesson this past weekend.  Thanks to the children’s hospital in our area, Joe Di Maggio Children’s Hospital, who organized this class for kids on or off cancer treatment,  she is able to take free golf lessons with an amazing group of coaches.  So far she loves it!


What follows is a review of Time4learning, which was requested by a fellow homeschool mom.  Read on if you’re interested in this curriculum.

Time4learning.com offers a complete online homeschool curriculum for all grades, through high school, and all subjects.  Parents can monitor kids’ progress and schedule learning activities to be completed daily, weekly, etc.  I’m sure most parents would still need to supplement with science experiments, field trips, etc.  Still, for $20/month if this is your main curriculum, it is a good deal.

We used Time4learning in a very specific way; to supplement reading and for science curriculum.  I was also planning to use certain sections of the social studies curriculum for when we covered Florida history.   Most days that we worked together Kate was very happy to work on reading 15-20 minutes.  I chose 1st grade reading level.  That is a nice feature of Time4learning, being able to pick your child’s level in each subject.  This way if they need extra review or need to move ahead you can easily make those adjustments.  I thought the reading program was very interactive and offered her lots of practice with sounds, especially consonant blends, which she is struggling with for a while now.  I liked that it was reinforcing what we were doing together in our reading lessons.  However, after a few weeks it started to move to quickly.  Within a few weeks it was introducing silent “e” or long vowel sounds which is something that our reading program doesn’t introduce until Level II.  Their reading program didn’t provide our struggling reader enough repetition so after a while it got challenging and she lost interest, despite the animations.

For science I chose 3rd grade level since she loves science and has always done well with science since it is so hands-on.  However, because I chose that level because it would hold her attention, it was not animated and was at a very high reading level, which meant she couldn’t do it independently.  It doesn’t have the feature where it could read the text to the student so it required one of us to be there, which made her hate it.  She wanted to get into the fun stuff but instead it was very boring.  We had to do too much work to make it interesting and even then it wasn’t enough.  We all hated it and decided science is too much fun to do it this way.

Bottom line:   I had high expectations of Time4learning.  We stayed with the program for almost six weeks and decided it wasn’t worth the $ for us.  I couldn’t imagine using this as our main curriculum. This being our first year homeschooling we are still working on remediation, building confidence and independence.  Never say never, some day it could be good for her, but there are too many skill that need to be developed before this would be a good fit for us.  I’m glad we checked it out because it really is trial and error figuring out what works for our special needs learner.  So for science we decided to try Magic School Bus Science Kits as our science curriculum.  We got our first kit in the mail yesterday and are very excited to give it a try this month.  I don’t think this curriculum is awful. I think it’s great if your child enjoys and can work independently and if you are not a fan of workbooks and more traditional learning.  I can say it’s not for us right now.




Our garden is growing and making us so happy.

Our garden is growing and making us so happy.


Now with our weather cooling down. We are enjoying walking,  gardening and learning outside.

We spent some time at Anne Kolb Nature Center, which got us in the right mind set to be outside.  Later in the week we saw a cool bird while on our walk.  We think it’s a little blue heron. (Let us know what you think, any bird experts our there?)

Taken at Broward College South Campus.

Taken at Broward College South Campus.

We also did some volunteering last week at our church, putting some mulch down in the butterfly garden and helping out at the pumpkin patch.  Kate was a bit disappointed because during our shift nobody came to buy pumpkins. 😦

Helping out at the butterfly garden.

Helping out at the butterfly garden..


Kate showing off her first completed sewing project.


What we’re reading (Read Aloud): Just finished the 3rd book in the American Girl Kaya series. We will go on to the 4th book tomorrow and are planning to do a lapbook on Kaya.  We just love that girl!

Next post I will do a review of Time4Learning, now that we’ve been using it for a while.  I was thinking of writing about our reading program and how we are using it.

To help me stay organized I’m following the district calendar, since my older daughter is in public school.  Last week was the end of our first quarter and I must say we’re in a better place today than when we started.  Kate finished her first sewing project.  She was so proud of herself.  It was so important that she complete it and see that it was worth the hard work. We are starting to make some progress in reading and hope to complete Level 1 of our reading program.  It is still challenging. We are working hard.  We review sight words all the time, read, journal,practice handwriting.  We are growing into this one day at a time, like the little seeds that we planted weeks ago.