How to make an apple pie…


Last week we “rowed” our first book.  The term rowing refers to doing a literary unit from the Five in a Row curriculum.  The way it works is you pick a great book from the list of books that they have created literary units,  read it each day aloud, and then the student participates in different learning activities based on the book.  The curriculum gives you great ideas on how to take the themes and apply them to Language Arts, Science, Math, etc., but it’s very flexible and thanks to Pinterest I had lots of great activities available free to download.  I was very easily able to integrate Five in a Row to our homeschool.

Our first book was How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.  It was great to see Kate getting involved and forgetting that it’s “school” for a while. We used the book to teach geography, math and science.  We added the books How do Apples Grow, for our science focus.  And of course, we made an apple pie.  We were able to share this amazing dessert with guests who we already had planned to come over for dinner on Saturday.  Everyone enjoyed the pie and learning about all we learned about apples and world geography.    All in all it was a great week, Kate!

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