Our first week of homeschooling


This Monday we officially started to homeschool. New routines went into affect with the start of the new school year for all of us, including my parents who are providing childcare for us.  It was also my first week at my new part-time job.

Routine: We started each morning by doing 20-30 minutes of exercise, using youtube videos. Then we journaled for reading and math.  For reading we worked on our sight words and for math we are reviewing addition fact families. Then we had read aloud, more reading instruction, math and in the afternoon she worked on math, handwriting and sewing on her own while I was at work. We went to the library (as well as the grocery store) on my day off from work.

Read-Aloud Book: Our book this week is Meet Kaya, an American Girl book about a Native American girl growing up in the Pacific Northwest in 1764.  We are really enjoying learning about the culture and beliefs of the Nez Perce. We are going to read the next book in the series next week.

Now that we are half way through our reading program, since we started in the spring and took a break for summer, we’ve seriously hit a tough spot and will be slowing down a bit.  Consonant blends are words that begin or end with two consonants, i.e. dr, tr or sh.  We are breaking it down by focusing on two consonant blends each day and working more slowly on those fluency sheets in our All About Reading program.

We stayed organized this week, thanks to the great ideas from homeschool bloggers on Pinterest.  We got the idea to organize daily assignments in work folder from Life by Ashley Pichea. Each day I put worksheets or other assignments in a work folder for that day of the week.  This is what she takes to my mom’s house for independent work.


I created a visual schedule for each day.  I got the idea from this mom on Teaching Stars. There were lots of templates online, but we asked Kate’s sister to help us create the picture cards for the visual schedule, which are laminated and then attached with velcro.  She did a great job, using her sense of humor and her cartooning skills to create very unique cards.  Every time I see them I’m reminded that this homeschool is a family affair and that each one the cards is one of a kind, like our daughters, like our homeschool.



Kate finished her first week by attending a PE class for homeschoolers. I am starting to figure out how to make the best use of time at home doing one-on-one and the time spent at Grandma’s doing things independently while I’m at work.  So far, so good.



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