Curriculum Choices- Part II





I read many reviews for math curriculum which made me change my mind constantly for quite some time. In the end I chose MCP Mathematics Level C (3rd grade) and Math Mammoth Blue series (grades 1-6). MCP is a basic math curriculum and I got Mammoth to fill in the gaps with the concepts that need intense review/remediation. I started using Mammoth this summer and so far I’m impressed at how thoroughly it covers concepts; very visual and lots of mental math, too.

Handwriting is an area that we want to focus on this year.  Besides journaling in math and other subjects, we want to teach handwriting as a core subject.  Our main program will be Handwriting without Tears Level 1 (First Grade).  This was highly recommended by parents and Kate’s OT at the hospital. I also wanted her to work on mazes for both OT and to strengthen her hand-eye coordination. We got some books of mazes from Kumon. We are going to encourage Kate to learn sewing as a way to strengthen her fine motor skills by using the book, Sewing School.  The other day we had our first short lesson, threading the needle.  That was fun! She wanted to give up after 5 minutes. Finally, we are also using Draw, Write Now Level 1, a fun handwriting and drawing course.

I have amassed a ton of worksheets, activities and other resources from teacher sites including EdHelper, Teachers Pay Teachers and others to compliment our literary thematic units with activities for  Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.


Kate is signed up for the homeschoolers P.E. class which will start in a few weeks at a local park.  I’m hoping that gives her a chance to make friends and get strong and healthy.

So in a nutshell, that is our curriculum.  It took me a long time to put it all together and for that I’m thankful for all the moms who have shared their children’s curriculum and their experiences and opinions of the different programs out there.  Also, thanks to Pinterest.  (I love Pinterest!)



As the year progresses I’ll tell you how each component worked and how it was used in our homeschool. There are lots of things we hope to do, such as plant a garden, go on interesting field trips, bake an apple pie,etc.  We’ll make changes and add things as we go along.  I think we got her a curriculum that reflects where she is academically as well as where we believe she can go.  There will be a lot of variety and some new things to challenge her as well.

Next time I post will be after we all go back to school, meaning end of summer.  My older daughter goes back to school next week; 8th grade.  I start a new job next week, too.  I’m a certified health educator and work in the field of tobacco cessation/prevention.  I had been working as group facilitator and at corporate health screening events as a contractor for the past 5 months.  Starting a new job wasn’t something I planned at this time, but it’s a great opportunity and it is part-time.  I was able to create my schedule based on what I think will work for homeschooling/family.  I will work in the afternoon most days and my parents will help me with child care, as they have for so many years.  We are blessed to have them.

A lot going on here.   My plan is to take it easy this week as much as I can.



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