And the adventure begins…


The months of planning, reading curriculum reviews and downloading worksheets have brought us to this moment.  All that is left is to send the letter of intent to the school superintendent to inform them we will homeschool Kate starting this fall.  As a family we have had many challenges, ones we couldn’t prepare for, but this latest one we’re most hopeful and excited to embark upon.

Everyone who meets our daughter is blown away by her kindness, her beautiful smile and how she engages effortlessly with all kinds of people, adults, old people, teenagers, babies, everyone.  After completing her treatments for a brain tumor, we knew her social skills would be an asset that would help her in school.  When the radiation oncologist told us that radiation would affect her learning, he also stressed the importance of special education programs to help her overcome those challenges. We were naive to assume that having an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) would guarantee that she would receive all the interventions necessary to help her.  Sadly, this was not the case and we’ll surely tell that story in some other post. Seeing her struggle with learning and come home defeated from school, has been the second hardest thing I’ve had to deal with as her parent.


Mommy and Kate

But that all changes today.  No more second-guessing ourselves; this is the right thing to do for her now. We are moving forward with our plan for her education. For many years we started a website on Carepages to keep family and friends updated on her treatments and medical issues.    We’re glad we did, because it gives us the opportunity to connect and now looking back we can see how far she’s come from those first moments when we we were diagnosed in 2005.  We found ourselves updating less and less about medical issues, thankfully, because she has been doing well and has been in remission/off treatment now for 5 years.  However, we did not but not have an outlet for the struggles we were facing in dealing with her school over the past four years.  We hope this new platform, likewise, will give us the opportunity to document our challenges, our progress and connect with others who will help us on this journey as it specifically relates to learning and finding the ways to help her do her best and get the most of her educational opportunities.



Kate’s mom/teacher/advocate and stylist


One thought on “And the adventure begins…

  1. Lee & Carol-Lee Perkins

    Basi I can’t tell you how much we admire you, your spirit and determination. You and Kate have a long road ahead, but with the attitude you both have, you will surely succeed beyond your wildest dreams,


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